First time getting Botox? Here is your guide!

Making the decision to have botox or any injectable treatment or that matter is a personal choice, regardless of your age or gender.
At Dermani Medspa, we recognize that while many are comfortable with receiving injections, for others it is unchartered territory and it can be a little scary. We understand the desire of those who have questions and want to gather as much information as possible before treatment and we are here to help. We believe that each of our clients is unique which is why we first suggest a consultation with one of our highly trained nurse practitioners to discuss individualized treatment plans and specific goals.

In this day and age and in our quest for beauty and age reversal, we seem to be bombarded with new products and procedures. While the industry is ever changing, one product and procedure remains the same and that is Botox and cosmetic injectables. Why? We’re so glad you’s because they work! With more than 6 million botox treatments being administered every year, it’s safe to say it is THE most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment out there and it does not appear to be going anywhere soon.

If you were to ask anyone who had received Botox what their thoughts were on the product, you would hear rave reviews across the board. That being said, there is still some taboo around this miracle drug and some hesitation for those who have not experienced it’s magical effects.
Botox is a neurotoxin that is derived from Clostridium botulinum. This is an organism that is found in many natural environments where it is non toxic due to inactivity. Humans can contract botulism by being exposed to bacteria through water, food, and even soil. In these cases, they would have to have been exposed to large doses of the bacteria and to date, there have been no reported cases of people contracting botulism through botox injections. NONE! Another word that sends potential clients into panic mode is the term “paralyze” when discussing facial muscles. Because the effects of Botox typically last 3-4 months, the muscles are simply relaxed, not paralyzed.
It is a well known fact in the medical community that similar to other drugs available to us today, Botox was actually discovered by accident. In the early 1980’s, a San Fransisco ophthalmologist discovered that in small doses the Botulim toxin had the ability to relax targeted muscles. He was looking for a cure for Amblyopia and Strabismus (crossed eyes). Several years later, two doctors in Vancouver also uncovered the aesthetic possibilities when they too were experimenting with the drug to treat excessive blinking. It was discovered that when the toxin was injected into the forehead, the lines between the brows, otherwise known as the glabeller lines, would go away.
Allergan, the makers of Botox, hold up to 800 patents for potential uses for the product. While the most recognized use of Botox is for cosmetic purposes, did you know that it is used to treat many other medical conditions? Here are just a few...

-Chronic migraine
-Hemifacial spasm
-Blepharospams (spasm of the eyelids)
-Idiopathic rotational cervical dystonia (shoulder and neck spasms)
-Excessive sweating
-Overactive bladder

The moral of the story? Botox is an incredibly useful drug (and it doesn’t hurt that it makes us look better too)!

Allergan continues to do excessive research and patient safety will be always be their top priority. It is one of the most studied and researched drugs available today and as a result is also one of the safest. As with any responsible company, they are required to list and make public any and all complications that might arise from using this drug, including the most rare cases. It is important that potential clients understand that in many, if not all of these rare cases, the amount of the drug used was key. Botox cosmetics, when used for minimizing wrinkles, is used in very small dosages and is incredibly safe.
After careful consideration and a great deal of thinking you’ve decided that it might be time to try Botox. As with anything in life, the more you know the more comfortable you will be.
Botox injections are safe, painless, and take less than 30 minutes to receive. Results can be seen about a 7 days after the procedure and often times sooner than that. It is the quickest non surgical treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while at the same time reversing the aging process. Because Botox seems to be everywhere, the market is competitive making it incredibly affordable to the consumer. We are confident that upon meeting with one of our nurse practitioners you will be ready to take that first step to treating yourself to a more youthful you. Looking better means feeling better and at Dermani Medspa. it is our mission is to help our clients in their journey to accomplish both.
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Sunscreen in the Winter? 7 things you need to know about sunscreen.

sun in winter
As the weather begins to turn cooler here in Atlanta, GA, often the last thing on everyone’s mind is sunscreen.  The major stores like Walmart and Target have removed the big sunscreen displays at the entrance of the store and replaced them with Santa Claus (yes, even in late October).  The fact is that the sun is just as damaging to our skin in the winter time as it is in the summer.  Daily use of sunscreen on your face and hands is a vital part of anti-aging to prevent wrinkles and the aging effects of the sun.  In the same way it is vital that we continue doing services like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, facials and IPL’s during the winter, we need to keep using a high quality sunscreen to protect our skin.  Here are 7 things about sunscreen and sun exposure that you must know:

1. You need to use sunscreen in the winter:  When it is cold we tend to want to spend more time in the sun to warm up.  When it gets really cold, ice and snow can also reflect more sun onto our face and hands then in the summer time.  These two instances can actually cause increased sun exposure and increased damage.

2. People of all skin colors need to use sunscreen:  We are blessed in Atlanta Georgia to be a melting pot of all races and cultures.  It is often a myth that the darker someone’s skin, the less they need sunscreen.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Sun damages skin period.  The best example of this is the best reggae singer of all time, Bob Marley.  Do you know how Bob Marley died?  That’s right, Bob Marley died of skin cancer due to too much sun exposure.  

3. Physical vs Chemical Sunscreen:  Sunscreen comes in two varieties, chemical blocking and physical blocking.  How can you tell the difference?  Look at the label of ingredients.  A good physical blocking sunscreen blocks the sun using zinc and/or titanium and that is it.  This is the best method as sun rays actually bounce off zinc and titanium.  The chemical sunscreens cause a scattering of the sun rays.  Use a good physical blocking sunscreen like the ones we carry at Dermani Medspa by Image Skincare.

4. You do not need to get sun exposure to get Vitamin D:  You can get plenty of Vitamin D through good diet and supplements.  Any sun exposure will damage the skin.

5. You do not need to get “a base tan” before going on vacation:  The change in coloration of our skin when we get sun exposure is the body’s way of trying to fight this sun exposure.  It is an adverse reaction that causes damage and ages the skin.

6. You still need sunscreen on a cloudy day:  Up to 80% of the suns damaging rays can still come through clouds.  A cool cloudy day may not seem like a risk, but sun exposure is still a threat on these days.

7. You still need sunscreen if you plan to be indoors:  While UVB rays are blocked by windows, the more damaging and deeper penetrating UVA rays are not blocked by windows.  

One of the most important things you can do to prevent skin damage and aging is to use a good quality sunscreen on your face and hands every day.  Re-apply once or twice through the day especially if you will have increased sun exposure. 

Laser Hair Removal Study demonstrates Continuous motion diode laser is still the best laser for hair removal

The November 2016 issue of The Journal of Cosmetic and Laser therapy featured and article on the safety and efficacy of Continuous motion 810nm diode lasers used for laser hair removal.   There are several articles reflected on that are adding to the mounting evidence that Continuous motion diode lasers are the gold standard as the safest on all skin types and give the best long term results.  

Dermani Medspa is an evidence based medical spa that looks to the research in peer reviewed medical journals for all of its procedures.  We only use continuous motion diode lasers for laser hair removal since it has been proven by countless research studies to be the best option for laser hair removal success in all skin types.  Here are the details of this most recent study:

Background:  High-fluence diode lasers with contact cooling have emerged as the gold standard to remove unwanted hair. Lowering the energy should result in less pain and could theoretically affect the efficacy of the therapy.

To compare the safety and efficacy of a low fluence high repetition rate 810-nm diode laser to those of a high fluence, low repetition rate diode laser for permanent axillary hair removal in Chinese women.

Ninety-two Chinese women received four axillae laser hair removal treatments at 4-week intervals using the low fluence, high repetition rate 810-nm diode laser in super hair removal (SHR) mode on one side and the high fluence, low repetition rate diode laser in hair removal (HR) mode on the other side. Hair counts were done at each follow-up visit and 6-month follow-up after the final laser treatment using a "Hi Quality Hair Analysis Program System"; the immediate pain score after each treatment session was recorded by a visual analog scale.

The overall median reduction of hair was 90.2% with the 810-nm diode laser in SHR mode and 87% with the same laser in HR mode at 6-month follow-up. The median pain scores in SHR mode and in HR mode were 2.75 and 6.75, respectively.

Low fluence, high repetition rate diode laser can efficiently remove unwanted hair but also significantly improve tolerability and reduce adverse events during the course of treatment.

At Dermani Medspa we are dedicated to doing procedures that are backed by sound research and evidence. This study further solidifies the fact that we are using the best technology for our clients in our laser hair removal procedures.

Dermani Medspa is a FINALIST in 3 top categories of the 2017 BOLD Awards

Dermani Medspa is proud to announce that we have been chosen as finalists in 3 categories for the 2017 Bold Awards with MindBody Software!  We were chosen out of thousands of companies all around the world in the categories of Business of the Year (the big prize), Greatest Business Growth and Greatest Customer Growth.  A big thanks to all of our clients and team members that made this possible!  Please feel free to go to this link for these awards to see more information and see our listings:

The winners will be revealed on September 27-29 at the annual BOLD awards in San Diego California.  Keynote speakers include Magic Johnson and Ariana Huffington.  Dermani Medspa will be in attendance for this great event.

The descriptions for each category vary.  For Business of the year the description is “This business exemplifies what it means to be bold: taking risks, seizing opportunity and making a lasting impact on the community.”  Not only does Dermani Medspa focus on our mission of providing evidence based aesthetic services at a great value while providing stellar customer service, there is also a focus on helping to better the world.  Dermani Medspa has a mission to help bring clean water all over the world to those in need.

The description for the category of Greatest Business Growth is “This business has experienced the greatest revenue growth of all applicants since July 1, 2016.”  Thanks to our many loyal clients and our top notch treatment team, Dermani Medspa is a top revenue growing company when compared to other companies all over the world.

And finally the description for Greatest Customer Growth is “This business has had the greatest increase in customers of all applicants since July 1, 2016.”  We cannot express enough how blessed we are to be nominated for these awards.  We truly have the best customers and staff members in the world.

More Men and Millennials getting Cosmetic Procedures

Dermani Medspa has been working with both Men and Millennials for some time now in our preventative cosmetic procedures.  Men are seeing the benefits of keeping that young look as many younger talented folks of both sexes enter the workplace.  Men can easily slow down the effects of aging by getting the skin rejuvenation and cosmetic injectable procedures that we offer at Dermani Medspa.  Millennials are also now realizing the benefits of the preventive procedures offered at our offices.  The best time to stop the negative effects of sun exposure and aging are when you are young.  The mid-twenties seems to be a great time to start all of the procedures offered at Dermani Medspa.  The good news is that it is never too late to start the services offered at Dermani Medspa.  We have clients well up into their 80s seeing great benefits from our services.

The “selfie generation” is making it more necessary for everyone to be “camera ready” all of the time.  Dermani Medspa is in the top 4% of Cosmetic Injectors in the United States with Allergan, the only official provider of Botox© Cosmetic and Juvederm©.  The CEO of Allergan Brent Saunders was on CNBC and talked about this trend of men and millennials increasing as a percentage of all of those getting these cosmetic injectable services.

The "selfie generation" could be even more of a needle-mover than you thought, at least according to Allergan Chairman, President and CEO Brent Saunders.

Of the 30 million people in the United States who consider getting aesthetic treatments like Allergan's Botox, only three million people actually follow through with getting the procedures.

But within that three million, "we see two new groups that are starting to emerge: millennials, which only account for maybe 10, 15 percent of the three million, and males, which also probably account for 10, 15 percent," Saunders told "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer on Monday.

Both millennials and males are relatively new to the aesthetic application space, but the groups are growing rapidly, the CEO said.

"So, yes, maybe the selfie generation has a lot to do with this," Saunders told Cramer.

Dermani Medspa Gives Back-Brining clean water to those in need.

Dermani Medspa Gives Back Dermani Medspa was able to give back to the world this summer by sending a team to bring clean running water to those in need. The lack of clean water is one of the largest problems faced in the world today. Our team went to the jungles of Honduras to bring clean water to a village of about 600 people. The lack of clean water can lead to disease, but the problems of not having clean water go way beyond that. When a community does not have clean water, women (yes the women of the village do this) must walk up to 3 miles to the water source. This water source is often contaminated with parasites. They then fill buckets and carry them back the 3 miles to their homes in order for their families to have water. It is not just the women that make this trek however. Children often have to walk to get water and then they are unable to attend school. When they cannot attend school, they are unable to get an education. When they do not get an education, they do not possess the skills they need so they end up working for a mere $3 per day doing hard labor. Bringing clean water stops this vicious cycle. It also stops the needless deaths of babies and children due the parasitic water. Dermani Medspa supported one of our Doctors and one of our managers as they spent one week bringing a gravity fed water system into this village. The gravity fed water system is similar to one that was used by New York city for years and requires little to no maintenance. The team also worked with the local men teaching them good business practices and how to form co-ops to band together and work together for the greater good of the community. Thank you for being a valued client of Dermani Medspa. Your support of our company gives our team the ability to give back to make the world a better place.

UC-Berkeley to add Laser Hair Removal to covered health insurance procedures for Transgender Individuals

In the wake of President Trump announcing that transgender individuals will no longer be allowed to serve in the military,  on August 1 The University of California in Berkeley is adding laser hair removal and fertility preservation to its available “transgenders health services” covered under the university’s student health insurance plan (SHIP).

The transgender students will have facial and neck laser hair treatment and fertility preservation (usually involving cryopreservation of sperm or eggs) covered under their SHIP.  We at Dermani Medspa have seen the benefits of laser hair removal as a part of the transition process.  

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a laser — an intense, pulsating beam of light — to remove unwanted hair. During laser hair removal, a laser beam passes through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, which inhibits future hair growth.  Due to the hair growth cycle, laser hair removal must be done over time.  Clients come in once per month for 12 to 18 months to get the procedure done on the desired areas.  Touch-up visits must then be done once every 6 months to maintain the results.  Even with the required touch up visits, it is a great option as compared to shaving every day.  The area to be treated must be shaved prior to getting the treatment done.  

The state of Georgia now requires a special license to operate a laser hair removal laser.  All of the providers at Dermani Medspa are licensed laser practitioners by the Georgia Medical Board.  

Laser Hair Removal can also help with folliculitis over time.  It can actually increase the folliculitis initially as the hair follicle is targeted by the laser.  As with all services, individual results do vary with these treatments.

We at Dermani Medspa have seen the beneficial results of laser hair removal on many clients and our hope is that many more health insurance plans will add this service to their list of covered options.


upgrade to a Hydrafacial© for 
Limit one per customer, cannot be combined with any other offers.  Only valid for the dates listed at our NEW Vinings office at:
4300 Paces Ferry Road
Suite 246
Atlanta, GA  30339!
Dermani Medspa is proud to announce our new office in Vinings Atlanta GA.  We specialize in Laser Hair Removal, Cosmetic Injectables like Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, and Kybella, Skin rejuvenation services like Dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, medical grade facials, and ipl photofacials, microneedling and skin tightening and body contouring.  This latest Vinings location is located in the Vinings jubilee shopping center in between Paces at Vine and the Cafe at Pharr.  Other great retailers in our center include Banana Republic, Talbots and Ann Taylor.  

We are so blessed to open this new office to serve the needs of our clients.  This is our first location in Cobb county and we look forward to further expansion into Cobb county as well.  Our mission at Dermani Medspa is to provide evidence based research backed treatments at a great value while giving stellar customer service.
Buckhead   Vinings 
Johns Creek   Sandy Springs   Buford

Dermani Medspa has achieved Diamond level with Allergan!

We were recently awarded Diamond Status with Allergan, the company that produces BOTOX Cosmetic, Juvederm, Voluma, Vobella, Kybella, and Latisse.

Diamond status means that we are one of the top 4% of providers in the country performing injections with Allergan products. This should indicate to you that we have a lot of experience with BOTOX, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure and Kybella injections and a wide range of experience with Latisse. Not only do we know what works, we know the tricks, tips and pearls on these treatments. You can also reap rewards via their rewards program called "Brilliant Distinctions" for which you can earn points by using their products at our practice. These reward points can give you discounts on future treatments.  Dermani Medspa can help you to enroll in this program at the time of your visit so that you can start saving.

Allergan's Diamond status recognizes aesthetic practices for their experience and expertise using the company's products, such as BOTOX Cosmetic, the JUVEDERM line of dermal fillers, and Kybella. The Diamond distinction puts Dermani Medspa among the top 4% of all aesthetic practices in the U.S.  This is an accomplishment that our team is quite proud of.  It is the result of our dedication to providing the best possible aesthetic services to our patients in a safe and comfortable environment.

What does Diamond status mean?

Being promoted to a Diamond level medispa solidifies Dermani Medspa’s reputation as the trusted and experienced injectable provider in the Atlanta Georgia area and beyond. This recognition proves that Dermani Medspa patients are loyal and trust the care that they receive.

How does Diamond status benefit patients?

Our newly earned status is not only incredibly exciting to our Dermani Medspa team, but our patients can be excited too. A boost in our provider status means that patients can rest at ease knowing that each of their providers are experienced, knowledgeable and skilled-and are using only the highest quality, authentic injectable products. It also means we are able to continue to provide our patients with incredibly competitive pricing on some of the most popular injectables and skin care products

Along with the favorable pricing that we will continue to offer to our patients, we will also continue to participate with the Brilliant Distinctions program. This Allergan loyalty rewards program provides our patients with additional savings on each Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Kybella, or Latisse purchase. Patients enrolled in the program will continue to visit Dermani Medspa and receive $20 or more additional savings on their Allergan treatments or product purchases simply by enrolling in the Brilliant Distinctions program.

Thank you so much once again to all of our wonderful clients for helping us to achieve this status.  We look forward to continuing to serve you in our offices in Johns Creek, Buford, Sandy Springs, Buckhead and now in our new Vinings location.  The combination of these amazing 
Allergan services along with our other skin rejuvenation services really creates the one two punch to help in the anti-aging strategy for your skin.

Dermani Medspa gives back-Brining clean water to those in need.

Dermani Medspa sent a team to the jungles of Honduras earlier this month to bring clean water to a village that had never had clean water. Women and children would have to walk miles to contaminated rivers to get water. The children were unable to go to school due to this and often were dying due to parasites. By installing these gravity fed water systems from a spring in the mountains all that can now change. Thank you for being a client of Dermani Medspa so that we can do projects like this!