Laser Hair Removal…the best solution to permanent hair reduction!

         If you happen to be someone who feels like you spend countless hours a week shaving, chances are you have longed for an easier solution to unwanted hair.  It used to be that waxing was the only alternative to shaving and while effective, it has it’s own challenges.  For starters, waxing can be a bit messy, quite uncomfortable, and like shaving  is just a temporary solution to what seems to be a never-ending problem.  Many years ago, laser hair removal entered the arena and it was a total game changer in the quest to get rid of unwanted hair. 




      Laser hair removal is a process that removes hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light.  It is a long lasting form of hair removal that damages or destroys the hair  by using light to target the pigment in each individual hair.  The light travels down the shaft of the hair to the follicle under the skin after you shave.  As a result the heat from the laser kills the follicle so that hair can no longer grow from it.   While shaving is required prior to laser hair removal, it is important to know that waxing is not.  Waxing removes the hair as well as the follicle and without the follicle, the laser has no target. 

          While laser hair removal was performed experimentally for about twenty years, it only became commercially available in the 1990’s.  Since that time, the lasers have come a long way with constant advancements and improvements to the machines, the treatments themselves and even the spectrum of who can benefit from the procedures.  It used to be that darker skin tones could not benefit from laser hair removal and that is no longer the case.  Laser hair removal used to be pretty uncomfortable or downright painful depending on who you asked but these days, the procedure is both quick AND painless making it the most effective treatment available when it comes to hair removal.

          While hair removal IS permanent, clients who undergo laser hair removal should expect that some hair will grow back.  This is quite normal.  The amount of time that  regrowth takes will depend on the person’s hair growth cycle and their particular type of hair.  Hair that is in a resting phase will grow more slowly than hair that is in another phase.  Another reason for regrowth is if the follicle is merely damaged and not destroyed during the hair removal process.  Many treating physicians now refer to laser hair removal as permanent hair reduction.  This does not mean that laser hair removal does not work.  It simply means that upon completing one’s full treatment cycle, one should expect one or two touch ups a year.  That’s a heck of a lot better than shaving and waxing! 

 Some things to consider prior to receiving laser hair removal are - 

1.  It is important to stay out of the sun before your appointment, this includes artificial tanning as well.

     -  Because the laser is designed to target pigment, the darker ones the skin, the more the laser will be drawn to it.  

2.  One must shave the area that they are getting layered.

     -  Again, because the laser is targeting pigment, any hair on the exterior of the skin will attract the light from the laser.  The goal is for it to hit the follicle.

3.  Depending on the size of the area one is treating, appointments can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

4.  Do not receive laser hair removal anywhere near the eyes.  If your provider suggests this…find a new provider!

5.  If you want to see results, you MUST be consistent. 

6.  One should begin to see results in about 3 months. 

7.  Some hair and skin types may be a little more difficult and take longer to treat.  

8.  One should avoid hot showers and lather up on sunscreen post treatment. 


Minor side effects to laser hair removal are common and may include-

*  Redness

*  Blistering 

*  Temporary changes in the color of the skin, particularly in people with darker skin tones 

     (it is common for a treatment provider to do a test spot prior to procedure).


          While laser hair removal is safe and effective, it is imperative that one provide an accurate and detailed medical history with the provider before starting treatment.  This will greatly reduce risks and any possible side effects.  Consistency is also another key factor in achieving  optimum results.  Upon starting laser hair removal, one must commit to being treated once every 4-6 weeks to stay on top of the hair’s growth cycle.  After about 4 to 5 treatments, one will notice a decrease in the hair that grows back. While some clients achieve results in as little as 8 sessions,  most people should expect to receive 12 -15 treatments.  

          Laser hair removal significantly reduces the amount of body hair that a person has which is what makes it such a desired procedure.  While hair may regrow over time, it will be considerably less than that with one started with.  Because laser hair removal is a customized treatment, certain skin complexions and hair types may have quicker or better results than others.  

          At Dermani Medspa, we suggest discussing your treatment goals with a specialist.  If you would like to see if you are a candidate for laser hair removal, call us today to set up your free consultation at 770-212-2242 or go online to schedule at


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Coolsculpting... Non-surgical Fat Removal

          Looking for a non-invasive way to diminish excess fat that seems to be diet and exercise resistant?  Are you at your desired weight but still have a bit of extra fat around your thighs, abdomen or flanks?  If so, CoolSculpting might be an excellent option for you.

abdomen          In recent years, there have been multiple procedures for the noninvasive reduction of adipose tissue.  Some of these include cryolipolysis, radiofrequecy, low level laser and high intensity focused ultrasound.  Of all of these technologies, cryolipolysis has been available the longest and has also been the most researched making it one of the most trusted procedures for fat reduction on the market today. 

          CoolSculpting is a highly advanced technology that uses cryolipolysis, a process that “freezes” the fat.  It works by placing the desired treatment area into two panels that cool the unwanted fat to a freezing temperature. The procedure uses extreme cold to dispose of the fat through the body’s lymphatic system.  This extreme cold is externally applied to the areas of unwanted fat which essentially damages the fat cells within.  Because the fat is expelled by the body naturally, the process can take time. Results can typically be seen anywhere from a few weeks to a few months post procedure.  While results won’t be visible until about 90 days after the CoolSculpting session, one can expect an effective a long term solution to their unwanted fat.

       Studies continue to show that CoolSculpting is a very effective non-invasive fat reduction procedure.  The procedure’s popularity continues to increase in the United States and since it’s approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2010, CoolSculpting procedures have increased by 823 percent!

           It is important to note that while CoolSculpting is highly effective, it is not a weight loss procedure.  The best candidates are those who are within their ideal weight range, those who eat right and exercise regularly.  Realistic expectations are key and patients must be willing to maintain the results of CoolSculpting with a healthy and active lifestyle.

          As with any fat reduction procedure, the question most often asked is what will happen if one gains weight after the procedure?  Upon CoolSculpting, the treated fat cells are destroyed and leave the body’s system for good.  The fat cells that were removed will not come back but weight gain is still a possibility.  The process of gaining (and even losing) weight is different from the process of destroying fat.  When one loses weight, the fat cells shrink.  When one adds more pounds, they don’t gain additional fat cells.  Instead, the cells become larger, making one larger.  As with ANY weight loss procedure, patient participation is crucial in maintaining results.  CoolSculpting is an excellent resource to jump start the fat reduction process and those who remain dedicated to the process will ultimately see the most improvement. 

          So what can one expect during this fat reduction treatment?  While the patient may initially feel cold, they will comfortably be able to read, relax, and even talk on the phone.  The length of of the treatment is determined by the area that is being treated.  Procedures can be as little as 45 minutes and as long as a few hours.  After the treatment, patients can resume their normal activities immediately.  Some may experience redness, mild bruising and swelling. 

          At Dermani Medspa, we have always been committed to helping our clients achieve their skin care goals.  In today’s competitive and beauty driven society, we understand and value the importance of body confidence as well.  Regardless of age or stage of life, we believe that there is are treatment options available for everyone.

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Microdermabrasion: What is it and what are the benefits?

        As the largest organ in the body, the skin serves as a barrier to the elements and foreign substances literally every minute of the day.  As result of its hard work, the skin shows signs of aging over the years through scars, changes in pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.  Men and women of all ages who are looking to treat these flaws may be interested in the benefits of Microdermabrasion.  The treatment has been around for years and it continues to rank as one of the most effective skin rejuvenation treatments on the market.

          Microdermabrasion is a non invasive exfoliating procedure which is typically performed with a handheld device that gently removes the top layer of the skin.  While removing the top layer of dry skin can show immediate improvement, the process also helps to speed up cell turnover and over time reveals healthier and more youthful looking skin.  

          The benefits of Microdermabrasion are many making it one of the most popular skin care treatments available today.  A single Microdermabrasion treatment can remove up to three times the number of dead skin cells than other exfoliating treatments.  In addition to being effective, Microdermabrasion requires zero down time which means one could squeeze a treatment in on their lunch break!  Unlike other spa treatments available today, Microdermabrasion does not discriminate.  This treatment is suitable for all skin types and because the treatment settings are widely adjustable, the treating professional is able to tailor the treatment to the individual. 

          So how does Microdermabrasion work?  It essentially works in two parts.  The Microderm machine utilizes tiny crystals to remove the dead skin cells.  These crystals can be made up of any number of substances, the most common being aluminum oxide.   Throughout the exfoliation process, a tiny built in vacuum sucks the removed skin cells and any other debris away.  Most Microdermabrasion devices can be adjusted which allows the technician to adjust the suction pressure to the clients sensitivity.  

Microdermabrasion is ideal for candidates looking to improve

* Fine lines

* Large pores

* Pigmentation and skin blemishes

* Age spots 

* Scarring from acne

* Dull skin


          In addition to the above listed benefits, Microdermabrasion has other advantages as well. The process can improve blood circulation deep within the skin, improving blood flow and supplying more oxygen and nutrients to the cells.  This improves cell processes and improves overall elasticity.  

          Because Microdermabrasion removes dead skin, the treatment has been proven to enhance the absorption of skin care products considerably allowing the skin to be more receptive to cleansers, serums, and moisturizers.  Not only is the treatment good for your’s good for your skin care regimen too and helps to stretch your products further.

          It is not uncommon to notice results after one treatment.  If one is simply looking to brighten the skin or remove blackheads,  a single Microdermabrasion treatment will suffice.  For best results, however, 5 to 8 treatments are suggested.  

          Would you like to find out if you could benefit from Microdermabrasion?  At Dermani Medspa, we are committed to working with our clients to help them achieve all of their skin care goals.  Call today to schedule your free consultation or go online to


Botox for All Ages

         When it comes to skincare, skin treatments, and anti-aging, we often get to a point where we need to seek outside help.  Our skin is exposed to environmental elements everyday and as a result, pollution, the sun’s rays, and other damaging effects eventually take a toll on our naturally aging skin.

          When women reach their 50’s, they only have about a tenth of the estrogen that they had in previous years.  It is known that estrogen stimulates collagen and the loss of it tends to make deep set wrinkles and fine lines more pronounced.  In addition, there is a natural loss of volume that typically begins in the 40’s and continues as we age.   As the face begins to sag, the falling of the cheeks and jawline can result in jowls.  As this natural loss of volume continues, women may find themselves with sunken cheeks, thinning lips, hallowed eyes, and lines around the mouth.  This slowed cell turnover can then affect the appearance of the face as lines deepen.



          While it can be difficult to embrace the aging process, there are multiple procedures, treatments, and products on the market today that allow women (and men) of all ages to slow this process down.  Perhaps one of the most widely known and embraced is that of Botox injections. 

          While originally used to treat migraines, nervous system disorders, and muscle spasms, Botox Cosmetic has been used to treat fine lines and wrinkles as well.  It is a non-invasive procedure that only takes minutes but produces very real and visible results.  While the effects of Botox are not permanent, the results typically last anywhere from three to six months. 

           So what exactly is it?  Botox is made from a purified protein.  The protein binds to nerve endings and prevents the movement of certain muscles.  In essence, the product decreases activity in certain muscles in the face that over time can cause creases.  These creases can cause unwanted crow’s feet, frown lines, and a multitude of other facial wrinkles.  Once the muscle activity is decreased, the lines are unable to form.  Over time, they reduce and smooth out resulting in a more youthful appearance. 

                    The Millennial generation seems to obsess over the quest for beauty and doesn’t shy away from any procedure or treatment that will help them obtain it.  For the over 50 crowd, however, treatments such as Botox injections are a new concept and can be intimidating. 

          While Botox may sound scary, many in their 60’s, 70’s, and even 80’s are now exploring what it can do for their appearance.  According to an LA based plastic surgeon, Dr. Grant Stevens stated that there is no age limit for getting treated with Botox.  Aside from it’s subtle and at the same time dramatic results, Botox has the ability to treat patients in their 20’s clear on up into their 80’s.  Botox doesn’t discriminate. That in and of itself is quite impressive!

          Botox can cure a multitude of aging sins but it is not for everyone. 

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important to meet with your healthcare provider and get as much information as you need prior to treatment.  

You shouldn’t use Botox if you:

*  Are allergic to any ingredients in Botox

*  Are allergic to another botulinum toxin brand or have experienced 

   side effects from the products in the past

*  Have a skin infection

*  Have a nerve or muscle disorder

*  Have problems breathing, such as asthma

*  Have difficulty swallowing 

*  Have bleeding issues

*  Have drooping eyelids

*  Are taking or have recently taken certain medications 

   (this will be discussed with your healthcare provider)

          At Dermani Medspa, we are committed to consulting with and treating clients of all ages.  We are confident that we have a treatment plan for you.   Call today to schedule your free your consultation at 770-212-2242 or go online to book at

Dermaplaning for Skin Care

         Three out of four American women ages 18 to 34 have facial hair removed each year.  Whether it be the eyebrows, chin, or the upper lip, there is still a fear surrounding women shaving or waxing their face.  The fear is that the hair that is removed will grow back darker, thicker and more coarse than before (essentially defeating the purpose of removing the hair in the first place).  Rest assured that this is nothing more than a myth and it turns out that “shaving” the face has quite a few benefits when it comes to skin care and exfoliation. 

          Dermaplaning is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that makes skin feel smoother and appear more youthful. It is a simple and safe procedure that exfoliates the epidermis and rids the skin of vellus hair (peach fuzz).  Dermplaning is a manual form of exfoliation similar to microdermabrasion but without the use of suction or abrasive crystals.



          So how does it work?  The procedure involves a surgical scalpel with a sterile blade.  While that may sound scary, it is completely painless and the procedure itself is actually quite relaxing.  The scalpel never enters the skin but is placed at a 45 degree angle and brushed back and forth in a series of feathering strokes that exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells right off your face.  The process of Dermaplaning stimulates the deeper layers of your skin (the dermis) and results in a stimulating effect which causes the skin to produce more collagen.  The production of collagen increases skin tightness and skin texture...both incredible benefits when it comes to the aging process.

          While the concept of face shaving has been around for a number of years, it has only recently been recognized  in the skin care community as one of the simplest, yet most effective treatments available.  Dermaplaning has gained popularity among cosmetic providers across the country because it is a quick procedure with virtually no adverse effects.  Face shaving enthusiasts claim that the procedure leaves them with softer skin and a more youthful glow and the buzz around this non-invasive procedure has it landing in dermatologist offices and medspas all over the country.

          Dermaplaning is recommended to treat dry skin, acne and scars, uneven skin tone, large pores, fine lines, and unwanted facial hair.  It is an incredibly effective treatment for overall skin rejuvenation.  


 Added benefits of Dermaplaning:


*  Immediate results - your skin will look soft, fresh, and clean following the procedure

* Provides immediate skin tightening and collagen production

* Helps to exfoliate the upper epidermis of your skin, removing both vellus hairs and dead skin cells

* Eliminates fine wrinkles 

* After Dermaplaning, creams, serums, and moisturizers are more easily absorbed into the skin and make-up goes on more smoothly

* Can be combined with other procedures like facials or peels

* It is a quick procedure that usually lasts 20-30 minutes

* No downtime after the procedure


          While there are many reasons for Dermaplaning, perhaps the most common reason is for the anti aging effects.  It is important to realize that anti-aging is not always about reversing the damage that  already exists in the skin but rather about preventing further damage.  

          At Dermani Medspa, we love what we do and are committed to helping our clients meet all of their skin care goals.  If you are interested in learning more about Dermaplaning and what it can do for you, call today to schedule your free consultation at 770-212-2242 or go online to

The Injectable that is Melting Away the Double Chin

          Everyone seems to be talking about the latest treatment for reducing fullness due to submittal fat, often referred to as a “double chin”.  This fullness in both men and women can detract from an otherwise balanced facial appearance.  Aging, weight gain, and even genetics all play a role in acquiring this fullness in the face and unfortunately, it is often resistant to both diet and exercise. 



          For those who are looking to improve their appearance, the face is always the first step.  The skin below the chin is flattering to no one and is often difficult to treat.  In years past, the only way to address the “double chin” or “turkey neck” was painful surgery with weeks of downtime.  These days,  there is a powerful treatment available as an option to restoring youthfulness. 

        KYBELLA was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2015.  It is the only FDA approved injectable drug that improves the appearance of submental fullness by permanently destroying fat cells.  The treatment is not intended for significant weight loss, however, KYBELLA (deoxycholic acid) injections can assist in the removal of the double chin.  It is a non-surgical option for facial rejuvenation that requires a great deal less for recovery than alternative surgical options.   

          The main component in KYBELLA is a formula that is not derived from human or animal resources.  It is a synthesized form of a molecule that naturally occurs in the body.  Deoxycholic acid’s primary function is to absorb dietary fat.  When KYBELLA is injected into the chin, it destroys any fat cells that it encounters.       

         Sound too good to be true?  Many patients see visible results with as little as two to four KYBELLA sessions.  The treatment sessions typically take as little as 30 minutes in an out patient facility with the injections themselves only taking about 5-10 minutes.   These treatments are typically scheduled about a month apart.  

          While the treatment itself is pretty simple, it is not a lunchtime procedure or something you would want to do before an event.  It is best to receive treatment before the weekend or scheduled days off where you can take it easy.   There will be some swelling in the area of treatment that usually goes down within 24-48 hours.  There may also be some minor bruising from the injections and some tenderness in the treated area for several days after.  Again, the downtime is minimal but it is recommended that one allow time to heal.

          As with most things in life, if we want them to last we have to be patient and take our time. The process to remove the fat below the chin can be relatively slow.  The results can take weeks or even months to see.   As a instant gratification kind of society, this can be discouraging.  The good news is that once the desired outcome is achieved, the need to be treated again is not necessary.  The need for upkeep and additional cost is simply not a factor.  Once the fat cells have been destroyed they cannot regenerate which means that KYBELLA results are permanent.  It is that effective!

          As with any procedure, it is important to talk with your healthcare provider and see if you are eligible for the treatment.   If you have good skin tone and elasticity then you may greatly benefit from KYBELLA.  Ideal candidates should have fat under the chin rather than just loose skin.  This injection is not a skin tightening procedure but rather one that contours the face.    

          At Dermani Medspa, we believe that the importance of of self appearance and the confidence that comes with it can not be overlooked.    We offer a variety of treatment options when it comes to treating unwanted fat.  If you would like to see if KYBELLA is for you,  call us today to set up your free consultation at 770-212-2242 or go online to

What Are the Benefits of a Photofacial?

          By now, you have probably heard some buzz around IPL’s (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy.  IPL is commonly referred to as photo rejuvenation or photofacial.  There are many reasons an IPL photofacial is great but perhaps the most obvious is that the benefits of an IPL cover virtually every aspect of cosmetic dermatology. 



          Intense Pulsed Light therapy is used to treat sun damage, wrinkles, and age spots.  Photofacials are known to erase sun damage, brown spots, and irregular pigmentation on the face, neck, and chest.

          Photofacials are not a new procedure.  They have been offered at spas and Medspas for years and continue to be among the most effective not to mention beneficial treatments that clients can undergo to even out skin tone.  While it has many perks, one is that it is a simple procedure that can be done on one’s lunch break with no downtime.   One might experience temporary flushing that typically dissipates in an hour.  For some patients, redness and dark spots may take a week to fade.  Patients that are treated for severe acne may experience longer recovery times.  

        Ideal candidates for an IPL photofacial are clients with white, untanned skin.  People with tanned or naturally dark skin are not encouraged to have an IPL because they might experience changes in skin pigmentation.  A reputable and licensed provider will be able to determine who should and should not receive this treatment which is why a consultation is always suggested prior to treatment.  When performed on the right person, IPL’s effectively improve skin texture, reduces pore size and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. 

            For optimum results, clients should receive several treatments.  Especially if clients are seeking to address multiple problems.  If one is interested in improving skin texture and reduce redness, multiple treatments affecting different layers of the skin will be necessary.  While a series of treatments is recommended, clients should still see improvements after a single treatment.  After one facial, clients can expect to see and feel smoother skin.  Skin and pores will feel and appear tighter.  Sun and age spots will often darken and flake off.  

1.  An IPL can be done anywhere-

          Most clients will start on their face but once they begin to see the results, will tend to address other problem areas.


2.  IPL’s can help repair small blood vessels-

          A photo facial is a great solution when it comes to clearing the skin.  Small blood vessels that have become visible, sunspots and other irregularities with pigmentation can all be addressed with an IPL.


3.  Help control acne-

          An IPL treatment can help sufferers of severe acne and other issues with the inflammation and redness that often accompanies acne.  In addition, IPL can help when it comes to eliminating large pores thus reducing the appearance of acne on the skin.


4.  Reduces skin redness-

          Sufferers of rosacea or other conditions that cause redness of the skin can be treated by IPL photofacial therapy.  It serves as a great solution in helping to create an even and natural complexion.


5.  Minimize signs of aging-

          While photofacials aren’t typically considered an anti-aging solution, they do help in reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots.  IPL also has the ability to stimulate collagen growth and improves the over all texture of the skin.  


6.  Reasonable cost-

          We all know that skin treatments can be extremely expensive.  IPL photofacials cost considerably less than other treatments and provide for long term benefits.


7.  Allows for additional treatments-

          IPL procedures can be done in conjunction with other treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other treatments that target the outermost layer of the skin.  


8.  IPL treatments are quick and easy-

          Oftentimes, facial treatments can be time consuming and require downtime.  Photo facial procedures can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on the area that is being treated,  


9.  There is no pain involved-

          While some patients express a slight sensation during the procedure (some describe it as a rubber band gently snapping against the skin), most patients report having no pain during an IPL treatment.  


        At Dermani Medspa, we are committed to giving our clients the best Medspa experience available.   We offer the latest treatments with the most sophisticated equipment in a laid back and relaxing environment.  Our medical team is highly trained and even teaches medspa techniques to other providers.  Call today to schedule your free consultation at 770-212-2242 or go online to schedule at

Medspas... The Spa of the Future

        We are fortunate to be living in an era where looking and feeing younger no longer requires surgery.  Due to the popularity of non-surgical procedures, there has been an increase in the number of “medical spas” popping up all over the country.  


          Medical spas, otherwise known as Medspas, seemed to emerge about ten years ago and have consistently grown annually by about 20%.    While the numbers are impressive and show the demand, Medspas remain a small percentage when it comes to the spa market.  Day spas are more common but typically don’t offer medical treatments.  The distinction between both medical and day spas can be a bit confusing. 

1.  A medical spa is typically overseen by a doctor or a medical director.  The staff usually consists of aestheticians, medical doctors, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants.  They tend to customize treatments and will often use higher strength products that yield more visible results.  Treatments that are often offered at a Medspa are -


* Chemical Peels

* Microdermabrasion

* Laser Hair Removal

* Acne and Scar Treatments

* Body Contouring

* Injectables (Botox & Fillers)


2.  A Day spa will usually focus on relaxation and ambiance.  With the exception of massage therapists, most day spas don’t require that employees are medically licensed.  If one is looking to relax and be pampered without permanent solutions to any skin issues like wrinkles or aging, then a day spa is the place to go.  Treatments offered at a day spa would include-


* Non Medical Facials

* Massage

* Teeth Whitening

* Lash Enhancement 

* Seaweed / Clay application 


          While day spas primarily serve as a place of serenity and relaxation,  medical spas offer long term solutions and more advanced treatments.  Medspas have made their mark striving to balance the best of both worlds.  They tend to be a hybrid of both a day spa and a medical clinic.  While the concept is relatively new, clients are falling in love with them.  As the interest and demand for non-surgical treatments continues to grow, it’s no wonder that Medspas are growing increasingly more popular.  

        The primary focus of a Medspa is offering long term solutions to a range of issues.  These issues might include unwanted hair, fat and cellulite reduction, acne or pigment problems, and fine lines and wrinkles.  A good Medspa will address these concerns with sophisticated equipment and will maintain a relaxing environment in the process.  

          The average person looking for a non-surgical treatment might struggle with determining the best facility for that procedure.  Some questions to ask might be-


1.  Does the spa use highly qualified medical professionals?

2.  Who will perform the procedures you want?

3. What equipment and or devices will be used?

4.  What improvements can I realistically expect?

5.  How many treatments will I need to achieve desired results?


          The best way to ensure customer satisfaction is choosing a facility that suits your needs. Once you have considered what treatments and services interest you, it is important to check out Medspas in your area and then ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable not only with the spa but with the treating provider.  A seasoned Medspa will be ready and happy to answer and address any questions or concerns you might have.

          At Dermani Medspa, we are committed to giving our clients the best Medspa experience available.   We offer the latest treatments with the most sophisticated equipment in a laid back and relaxing environment.  Our medical team is highly trained and even teaches medspa techniques to other providers.  Call today to schedule your free consultation at 770-212-2242 or go online to schedule at

Juvederm Overview

          Over the last decade, the interest in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures has been increasing.  Our beauty obsessed culture is drawn to office based treatments that can promote a youthful appearance all the while promising minimal downtime and low risk of complications.  Next to Botox injections, dermal fillers are now the second most frequent procedure performed.


          Face volume naturally declines with aging, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles.  As the face starts to “deflate”, the loose skin starts to create folds.  In addition to declining volume, sun exposure and years of muscle movement (chewing, smiling, and squinting) also take their tole and breakdown the skin.    Facial fillers are temporary to long-lasting solutions administered through injections on specific areas of the face.  There are various types of fillers available and each have their own purpose.  Whether you are looking to smooth wrinkles, plump the cheeks, or fill the lips, there is a dermal filler available for you. 

          While there are many dermal fillers on the market, one of the better known is Juvederm, created by Allergan, the same makers of Botox.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Juvederm in 2006 and the demand for its use continues to climb.  This particular facial filler is creating a buzz because it appears to be both more effective and longer lasting than other cosmetic fillers on the market.

        Juvederm is made of non-animal hyaluronic acid gel.   The non cross-linked hyaluronic acid (also called non-modified HA), is a liquid that is completely metabolized within days after being injected into the skin making it not only effective but safe as well.  Even with a single brand of dermal filler, there are still options to ensure the best possible outcome after treatment.  Juvederm Ultra XC Is indicated for filling moderate lines and wrinkles.  Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is best when filling deep folds.  

          One of the main concerns when it comes to filler injections is pain or discomfort.  Topical anesthetics such as lidocaine are typically applied and provide adequate comfort for most patients.  The nasolabial folds are not as sensitive as lip or cheek augmentations and the treatment area should be taken into consideration when applying anesthetics.  In addition to topical numbing agents, the XC after the Juvederm name indicates that lidocaine has been added to the gel.  This numbs the treatment area within seconds to help minimize any discomfort.

               The average length of filler injections is about 20 minutes per session, depending on how many areas are being treated.  The effects of dermal fillers are immediate but it can take a few days for them to “settle” into their final shape.  Depending on the area treated, fillers will last about 4 to 6 months with some lasting much longer.   Juvederm is the only dermal filler on the market FDA approved to last for up to a year from the time of treatment.  

          In addition to adding volume to the face and filling wrinkles, dermal fillers are also beneficial for-

* filling lines from the nose to the mouth (nasolabial fold)

* filling lines from the mouth to the chin (melomental fold)

* frown lines (work best when combined with Botox Cosmetic)

* smoothing lines above the upper lip

* in the lips for volume and definition 

* to restore volume to cheeks 

           The overall goal when receiving Juvederm is achieving balance between plumping and adding volume to smooth the wrinkles while maintaining a natural look.  Dermal filler injections should only be administered by a qualified professional who will help you determine which filler treatments are right for you. 

          If you desire a more youthful yet natural appearance call Dermani Medspa today to see if Juvederm is right for you.  One of our licensed practitioners would be happy to counsel with you regarding treatment. Call for your free consultation at 770-212-2242 or go online to

Why Chemical Peels are the Secret to Great Skin

          In the aesthetic industry, it is common knowledge that chemical peels have a bad reputation.  Clients are often apprehensive and fear peels because they have heard about isolated incidents and worst case scenarios.  The truth is that chemical peels are beneficial for most skin types, including sensitive skin.  Not only do they treat problem prone skin, but they can also serve as a preventative treatment.  There are many myths when it comes to chemical peels and as it is with any treatment, it is important to educate oneself about the pros and cons of any procedure before having one. 


           A chemical peel is a procedure in which an acid solution is applied to the face to remove both dead and damaged skin layers.  When applied correctly and by a reputable professional, chemical peels can safely reduce wrinkles while also correcting skin tone.  As the dead skin cells shed or flake off,  a brighter, smoother, and more refined complexion is revealed.  Other benefits of receiving a chemical peel include: 

-  Improvement in the skin’s color, tone, and texture

-  Reduction in discoloration caused by sun damage 

-  Stimulation in new collagen and healthy skin cell growth 

-  Increase in the hydration of the skin

-  The enabling of skin care products at home to be more effective 

          The best candidate for a chemical peel is someone with sun damaged skin, uneven pigmentation,  acne scarring or essentially anyone who is looking to reveal a  brighter and fresher layer of their skin.

          The treatment time for a peel can take up to 30 minutes while the peeling process can last anywhere from three to five days.  For long term results, three or more chemical peels spaced four to six weeks apart are recommended.  The skin is especially sensitive after a chemical peel which is why it is important to avoid the sun during and immediately after the healing process.  

           There are multiple options when it comes to chemical peels and therefore, the type of  peel received will be determined by one’s clinical aesthetician at the time of consultation.  During the initial consultation, items discussed should be the current condition of one’s skin, one’s lifestyle, and ultimately, one’s desired outcome.  Post treatment protocols should also be discussed prior to the procedure. 

          While there are numerous peels on the market, they all fall under one of the following categories:

Superficial Facial Peel - Does not penetrate deep into the the skin or dermis but rather affects only the outer layer of facial skin.

Medium Facial Peel-  Affects the epidermis and the upper layer of the epidermis.  It penetrates the skin deeper than a superficial peel and requires some time off for healing.

Deep Facial Peel-  This type of peel results in the peeling of of the epidermis and penetrates the two layers of the dermis.  Deep facial peels require a longer recovery time, involve more pain and have a greater risk of complications.

          Following a mild to medium peel, patients can expect mild irritation, redness, and peeling (thus the term chemical PEEL).  The side effects are minimal and typically only last a few days. Stronger chemical peels will usually take more recovery time and the peeling is more intense. 

          Adverse reactions are rare with most chemical peels but can include scarring, pigment change for those with darker skin, and chemical burns.  The majority of patients who undergo a a chemical peel suffer no serious side effects.  Due to potential risks, however, it is important to only allow a licensed professional to perform the treatment and equally important to provide them with a complete list of medical history.  A history of heart disease, recurring blisters or cold sores, and a tendency to scar are all worth mentioning.  

          While there are some disadvantages to chemical peels, the advantages far outweigh them.  Virtually everyone that has had a peel report that they would have it again because of the overall improvement in the skin’s surface.  Other advantages are-

          Peels can make your skin (and your skin care products) work better.  As the dead skin cells are shed, the living cells below multiply and move up.  This process stimulates collagen production.   A thorough sloughing of old skin offers smoother skin that is more radiant and youthful looking.  Skin care products tend to perform better after a peel because there is nothing preventing their penetration.

         They are low risk and benefit everyone.  There are so many varieties of peels that virtually everyone can find one that is safe to use, regardless of skin type or color.  There are chemical peels that range from mild to medical grade which means that they can be customized to fit each client.

         The correct peel can address acne and the scars that come along with it.  Salicylic acid peels penetrate deeply into the skin and unclog pores.  Salicylic acid tends to linger and continues to keep the pores clear over time.  These stronger peels also skim the surface of the skin which erodes blackheads and pock marks.   High percentages of TCA target divots in the skin and evens the face out.  

         Nothing controls melasma  better.  While there is not a permanent solution for sun triggered dark spots, chemical peels offer the best results. 

          If you would like to see if you are a candidate and could benefit from a chemical peel,  we recommend a consultation with one of our licensed aestheticians.  

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