How to Get the Most Out of Your Botox® Cosmetic

Investing in your future with Botox® Cosmetic? There are several ways to get the most bang for your Botox® buck! Whether it be through adding to your aesthetics routine, saving big, or earning even more, here are our top three ways to get the most out of Botox® at dermani MEDSPA®!

Now's the Time - Invest More into Your Skin While You're Here!

If you're coming in to see us for Botox® Cosmetic, you're looking to improve wrinkles and fine lines.
These pesky lines and wrinkles are caused by the muscles under your skin contracting. Stagnant lines, like those stubborn facial lines that are present without muscle movement, take multiple sessions to treat, so we highly recommend at least 6-12 months of consistent Botox® Cosmetic injections for optimal improvement in those lines.

While your muscles are “under the influence” of Botox® Cosmetic, we highly recommend receiving our Skin Rejuvenation services. Taking advantage of these services in conjunction with your Botox® injections will maximize the effects of your Botox® Cosmetic and give you optimal results. Click here to find out more about the affordable Skin Rejuvenation services included in our Skin Rejuvenation Membership!

Make Savings a Part of Your Routine

Botox® Cosmetic will last approximately 3-4 months until another injection is needed.* Our Botox® Cosmetic Membership program is geared to coincide with this timing, making it the very best way to save on Botox® Cosmetic services!

With the dermani MEDSPA® Botox® Membership, simply pay $40/month and every dollar you pay can be used towards Botox® services at the membership rates. No hidden or up-front fees! We simply ask for a 6-month minimum commitment so that you can truly see the benefits you can attain. To learn more about the benefits included in your membership as well as the incredible membership pricing you get as a member, click here.  At your monthly visit, your $40 monthly membership fee will be applied to your service.

Get Botox®, Earn Rewards

Looking for additional ways to not only save, but EARN? dermani MEDSPA® participates in the Allē

 Program (the aesthetics loyalty program from Allergan, maker of Botox® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®

 collection of fillers, and more), which is an incredible way to save even more on your services and rack up major rewards!
With Allē, you can earn points and rewards for savings on future services. It’s easy and free to join! Simply click here or ask your dermani MEDSPA® injector about this program and they can direct you on how to get enrolled.

These ways to save and enhance your experience at dermani MEDSPA® are ideal for making the investment you make in your Botox® injections go further. Come in and see us today at one of our convenient locations for a FREE consultation with one of our highly trained injectors and learn even more about what Botox® Cosmetic can do for you! Click the button below to book online and get started today!