Hydrafacial© Deluxe and MORE Now Available at dermani MEDSPA®!

The Hydrafacial© you love is now even better! We are excited to announce that we are now offering the Hydrafacial© Deluxe at all dermani MEDSPA® locations!

What is a Hydrafacial© Deluxe?

This treatment is the Hydrafacial© you know and love, but even more customized to you and your specific needs. It includes all of the essentials of the Signature Hydrafacial© as well as the additions of a specialty booster and LED therapy tailored to really focus on your unique concerns, like brown spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Specialty boosters target the new skin after the exfoliation process and include the following options:

  • Britenol – Brightens and balances skin tone while minimizing the appearance of dark spots and sunspots.
  • CTGF (Connective Tissue Growth Factor) – restores skin health and supports skin renewal from the inside out. Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through naturally derived growth factors, bringing skin to a more youthful state.

LED Therapy (Light Emitting Diode) is non-invasive and works by emitting infrared lights in different wavelengths, all which have different skincare benefits. Options include:

  • Red light – Increases collagen production and restores cell function. Best paired with CTFG.
  • Blue light – Targets and destroys P-acne bacteria and reduces oil production and congestion. Can be paired with all boosters but best for acneic skin.
  • Green light – Regulates melanin production and reduces pigmentation. Best paired with Britenol.
Coconut Papaya Enzyme Facials are Here Just in Time for Summer!

The papaya enzyme in the coconut papaya enzyme facial dissolves dead skin cells, revealing healthy, soft skin. The small molecular structure of coconut allows for easy absorption through the skin, giving it a soft, smooth texture. This enzyme facial softens, exfoliates, and moisturizes and contains only fruit enzymes for a gentle exfoliation for even the most sensitive skin.

Try it during your next visit to dermani MEDSPA®!

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