Laser Hair Removal Tips

Want to make sure your laser hair removal sessions are targeting the most hair follicles possible? Try these tips and tricks before your next visit!

  1. At dermani MEDSPA®, we offer FREE consultations with one of our licensed laser practitioners/estheticians prior to your first laser hair removal session to go over all of your questions. While laser hair removal is safe and effective, it’s still important that you provide your practitioner an accurate and detailed medical history before starting treatment.
  2. Stay out of the sun before your appointment, including through artificial tanning. Because the laser is designed to target pigment, the darker your skin, the more the laser will be drawn to it instead of the hair follicle.
  3. You MUST shave the service area before your session! Because the laser is targeting pigment, any hair on the exterior of the skin will attract the light from the laser. The goal is for the laser to hit the follicle, not the strand of hair, so make sure you shave as close to your appointment as possible!
  4. DON’T WAX! Unlike shaving, waxing removes both the hair on the exterior of the skin AND the follicle, which is necessary for laser hair removal! Waxed recently? No problem! You can receive laser hair removal in as little as 2 weeks after your last waxing.
  5. Lather up on sunscreen and Avoid hot showers post-service to make sure your skin is protected and stays irritant-free.
  6. Consistency is KEY to see great results! Some hair and skin types may be a little more difficult and slower to treat. To stay on top of the hair’s growth cycle, you should commit to coming in every 4-6 weeks. You’ll notice a decrease in the hair that grows back after each treatment, and typically after 12-18 sessions, you’ll only need 1-2 touch-ups a year!