Laser Hair Removal: What To Expect

During laser hair removal, unwanted hair is exposed to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. At Dermani, we use brand new Diode lasers. These lasers are effective, painless, safe on all skin types, and fast. Our estheticians are certified Assistant Laser Practitioners through the Georgia Medical Board and perform all of our laser hair removal services. Instead of paying a huge amount upfront for this service, we have created affordable membership programs that allow you to pay as little as $25 per month. Here’s a little more about what to expect:

  • You are going to need anywhere between 6 to 15 treatments. This is based on ethnic background, hair growth cycles, and hormones.
  • You must shave before each treatment. The laser is attracted to dark hair and follows it down to the root to eliminate it. If you don’t shave, the laser will target the hair on the surface of the skin instead of penetrating into the follicle. (*Note: not all blonde, gray, or white hair can be treated).
  • After you have achieved your desired results, you will need to come in for touch-ups based on how your body heals and repairs itself. Expect to come in 2-6 times your first year after your initial treatments. The more touch-ups you get, the less you will need over time. (*Note: If you have completed your membership contract, you will receive any touch-ups at the same membership price).

If you’re feeling hesitant about committing to a membership, consider scheduling a consultation to try our lasers for free on one small area! We hope to see you soon!