Microdermabrasion: Everything You Need to Know!

Have you considered adding microderm to your skin regimen but not quite sure what the benefits are? Lots of people use microdermabrasion as a monthly service to keep their skin smooth and refreshed! But how are you sure it's the right treatment for you? Microdermabrasion is typically enjoyed by people who have dry or uneven skin. At dermani MEDSPA® our microdermabrasion machine has two different tips that exfoliate your skin to get rid of dry skin and irritants on the surface, giving you a smoother appearance as well as a beautiful glow! If you're considering adding microdermabrasion to your skincare, keep reading for everything you need to know!

dermani MEDSPA® uses only Georgia licensed staff to perform our procedures. Our staff trains other estheticians to perform the procedures we do each day. We ensure that every esthetician is fully trained in every service we offer so they can provide excellent services and work with you to help you achieve your skin goals!

Microdermabrasion can be done on almost any part of the body. It is typically performed on the face and neck. After the skin is thoroughly cleansed, your esthetician will take our microdermabrasion tool and glide it over your skin, removing any irritants on the surface level of the skin. Please ask your esthetician about any areas you would like to receive microdermabrasion and they can guide you on the proper session for each area.

Your microdermabrasion session will last approximately 30 minutes. You will need to have your face clean and clear of any makeup. You will lay back and the esthetician will perform the microdermabrasion procedure using a professional grade microdermabrasion machine and aluminum oxide crystals. The device has a slight “sucking” vacuum as it glides over your skin, so you can actually feel it working!

Many people receive a microdermabrasion service once per month. Although results will vary from person to person, microdermabrasion sessions done once per month over time can help to improve the appearance of your skin.

Our affordable membership program makes a skin maintenance program affordable and coincides with our evidence-based medical approach. With our Skin Rejuvenation Membership, simply pay $60/month and every dollar you pay can be used towards skin rejuvenation services at the membership rates! No hidden or upfront fees! We simply ask for a 6-month minimum commitment so that you can truly see the benefits you can attain.

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