What to Know Before Your First Filler Appointment

So you’ve decided to step into the world of injectables and book a lip filler consultation. You might be nervous, or have questions around what the experience will be like, any potential discomfort, and results. However, there’s no need to fret! We’re here to help you get prepared.

1. Know your aesthetic goals, and discuss them with your injector.

Whether you’re looking for subtle results or a wow factor, you can achieve a wide range of options with JUVÉDERM® lip fillers, and doing so is as simple as working with your injector. Bringing photos of what you’re looking to achieve to show your injector can serve as a reference point. This will help guide the conversation with your injector about the results you want, plus help them choose the JUVÉDERM® product that’s right for you.

2. There may be discomfort, but it’s manageable – don’t worry!

Dislike needles? Don’t let that prevent you from trying lip injections! There are several ways your injector may be able to prepare your lips to help control pain and discomfort. Make sure to ask your injector about numbing options, which could help temporarily reduce sensation around your lips. Additionally, JUVÉDERM® lip fillers both contain pain-reducing lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic to further deter discomfort. During your injections, there might still be that occasional “ouch” moment, but it typically feels more like a pinch, so no need to worry!

3. Schedule accordingly.

While lip injections can be administered pretty quickly (as little as about 45 minutes in most cases!) you should still be strategic about the timing of your injections. Swelling, tenderness, bruising, firmness, and lumps/bumps are all potential side effects of getting lip filler. Your lips might look a little swollen after the appointment, but the swelling will usually subside within 30 days or less. Most filler clients book their JUVÉDERM® appointments on Fridays or before long weekends for this reason. Bottom line – don’t book a JUVÉDERM® appointment a few days before a wedding or other major event — give yourself a few weeks at least!

Ahead of your treatment, be sure to talk to your injector about using aspirin, ibuprofen, other blood thinners, and medications that could cause swelling. It is important to discuss any other procedures or medicines you’ve recently had, or are planning to have, with your injector. Lastly, to help reduce some swelling post-treatment, avoid strenuous exercise, sun, and heat after your appointment and take a break from makeup for at least 24 hours to keep the area clean. Find a full list of our pre- and post-care JUVÉDERM® instructions here.

4. Expect natural-looking results.

After your treatment, you might think that it’ll be obvious that you’ve gotten filler. However, unless you’ve opted to dramatically scale the size of your lips, you may find that everyone will notice how great you look, but no one will know why — the results give you a natural look!

5. Schedule your follow-up appointment before you leave the office!

Visit your injector for a follow-up after your injections — ideally, two weeks to one month afterwards, to ensure any side effects have subsided. At this appointment, you and your injector can assess your results and determine if you’ve reached your aesthetic goals. Sometimes it takes more than one treatment to achieve your desired outcome, so talk to your injector about a treatment plan. Once you love the look of your lips, know that with optimal treatment, the results of JUVÉDERM® can last from about nine months up to a year.

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