What’s Included in My Skin Rejuvenation Membership?

Our Skin Rejuvenation Membership is a favorite with our clients, and there’s a good reason why! Check out this post for a breakdown on what makes our membership model so special!


With our Skin Rejuvenation Membership, simply pay $55/month and every dollar you pay can be used towards skin rejuvenation services at the membership rates! No hidden or upfront fees! We simply ask for a 6-month minimum commitment so that you can truly see the benefits you can attain.


See the list below of the multiple services included in your membership as well as the incredible membership pricing you get as a member! At your monthly visit, your $55 monthly membership fee will be applied to your service and you may also upgrade to a premium service (see below under “Premium Skin Rejuvenation Services and Add-Ons”) if you so wish.

Skin Rejuvenation Services Included with Membership:

dermani MEDSPA® has services that target all of your skin concerns. Our Skin Rejuvenation services included with your monthly membership fees target blemishes like wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, poor skin texture, acne, and so much more! Here is a list of our services available as part of our monthly Skin Rejuvenation Membership plan:

Premium Skin Rejuvenation Services and Add-Ons:

dermani MEDSPA® Premium Skin Rejuvenation Services and Add-On services take our Skin Rejuvenation services to the next level by providing a more customized, targeted experience. Check out this list of our services available as Premiums and Add-Ons within our menu of Skin Rejuvenation Membership services:


On top of the major savings you receive when you sign up for our Skin Rejuvenation Membership and the incredible, gorgeous skin you will attain, our members will always receive a 25% discount on retail products sold at all dermani MEDSPA® locations! You won’t find a perk like this anywhere else!

Still Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Why do I want a membership for medspa services?

Our membership provides Skin Rejuvenation services at discounted costs! This means you save significantly over time!

What is my commitment when signing up for a dermani MEDSPA® membership?

Our Skin Rejuvenation Membership is at least a 6 month commitment. After 6 months you may cancel at anytime with written notice/email and no fees!

How do I pay for my dermani MEDSPA® membership?

Our Skin Rejuvenation Membership runs monthly with a credit or debit card kept on file. We can even accommodate if you want it to run on a particular day of the month.

Can I pre-pay for my dermani MEDSPA® membership?

Of course! Pre-pay for your Skin Rejuvenation Membership and forget the worry of monthly payments. We can accommodate cash or credit/debit card for pre-purchases.

If I don’t use my monthly credits do they roll over to use later?

Absolutely! Your credits are yours to use towards products and services, including our Premium Skin Rejuvenation Services and Add-Ons!

By now, we’re sure you’re convinced that a Skin Rejuvenation Membership at dermani MEDSPA® is the way to go! Sign up today and start saving significantly while getting the best skin of your life.