Why You Should NEVER Try At-Home Microneedling

Considering using a dermaroller at home? You might want to read this blog first!

There are different forms of microneedling, which include manual dermarollers that you can use at home, and mechanical pen devices like the SkinPen®. No matter the form, microneedling services aim to boost the production of new collagen by creating microscopic injuries to the skin, resulting in a smoother skin texture and tone over time.

There are a few main differences between true microneedling and dermarolling. Mechanical microneedling refers to the in-office service administered by a highly trained professional. An automated pen device with tiny needles, like the FDA-cleared SkinPen®, is used to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin. Dermarolling, on the other hand, is an at-home version that is performed using a mini wheel device covered with tiny needles with the aim of pricking the face gently to try and replicate a similar result.

Microneedling with The SkinPen®:
  • The needles glide over the skin to deliver controlled microchannels with even pressure.
  • The SkinPen® device enters your skin vertically, which means less risk of infection or scarring from entering your skin at an incorrect angle.
  • The SkinPen is adjusted to alter the depth of the needles based on each client's individualized needs. For instance, your esthetician can use a deeper setting and more passes on an area with enlarged pores or acne scarring to produce improvements to the skin at a faster rate.
  • Must be performed by a licensed and highly trained professional with a solid understanding of the entire procedure and the science behind it, like all of the treating professionals at dermani MEDSPA®.
  • Because devices like the SkinPen® can adjust their speed and depth control, you experience minimal downtime and can get back to your busy schedule quickly!
Manual microneedling with dermarolling:
  • Pressure application is uneven, and the rolling mechanism can cause micro-tears.
  • Dermarollers enter the skin at a slanted angle, leaving large open channels in the skin. This is a quick way to cause irritation, tearing, and even scarring.
  • There is no control of depth of needle penetration. With this option, your only option is to pass over the desired area more times at the same depth, which may only lead to dramatic skin irritation and scarring instead of more efficient results.
  • Due to this lack of control, the benefits may be diminished.
  • Because this device is available for anyone to purchase, there is a higher risk of developing injury and infection, as you might not be sure you are using the device correctly. Plus, these devices can be sold through online retailers where sterility doesn’t have to be reviewed or tested.
  • The lack of control and precision of these devices means you run the risk of injury, and consequently longer downtime.

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