Dermani Deep Dive: Botox® Cosmetic

While the skincare industry is always evolving, one treatment has been tried and true: Botox® Cosmetic injectables. With more than 6 million Botox® treatments being administered every year, it’s safe to say it is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment around. Before you try it out for yourself, check out this Botox® Cosmetic breakdown.

What is Botox® Cosmetic?

Botox® Cosmetic is made from a purified protein. The protein binds to nerve endings and prevents the movement of certain muscles. Essentially, the product decreases activity in certain muscles of the face that over time can cause creases that result in unwanted crow’s feet, frown lines, and other facial wrinkles. Once the muscle activity is decreased, these lines are unable to form. Over time, the creases reduce and smooth out resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Botox® Cosmetic is best injected by a Medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant and can be injected in the forehead, the outer corners of the eyes, and between the eyebrows. However, Botox® Cosmetic does not inhibit you from showing expressions. It’s FDA-approved for all of these areas as well.

This safe, non-invasive procedure takes less than 30 minutes to receive, requires no downtime, and while results vary, lasts anywhere from 3-4 months.  While results do take about 2 weeks to be seen, Botox® Cosmetic is the quickest nonsurgical treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while at the same time reversing the aging process. The simplicity of the procedure, not to mention the incredible results, keeps men and women of all ages coming back for this quick fix.

Allergan, the makers of Botox® Cosmetic, set the bar high for customer safety and product regulations and continue to test the product despite its pristine reputation. It is the most safe and effective anti-aging procedure delivering subtle yet undeniable results.

dermani MEDSPA®’s Botox Cosmetic Membership

Because Botox® Cosmetic seems to be everywhere, making an informed decision about the right provider is key. dermani MEDSPA® is the top provider of Botox® Cosmetic in the state of Georgia and number 36 in the United States for Allergan, the only maker of Botox® Cosmetic, this means that dermani MEDSPA® is able to pass along significant savings to our clients. New dermani MEDSPA® clients receive their first 20 units for just $7/unit. Additional units are $9/unit, unless you sign up for our Botox® Cosmetic membership, which allows you to receive your units for just $8/unit. Not only does our Botox® Cosmetic membership save you money, it also gives you the opportunity to pay ahead. For just $40 per month, you have the ability to purchase Botox® Cosmetic at our membership price of $8/unit and every dollar of the $40 per month can be applied to the service. This means that when you need your Botox® Cosmetic each 3-4 months, you already have dollars saved up toward your service.

We are confident that upon meeting with one of our Allergan-trained injectors you will be ready to take that first step towards treating yourself to a more youthful you. Schedule your FREE consultation today and find out if Botox® is right for you!