How Do Premiums & Add-Ons Work?

dermani MEDSPA® Premium Skin Rejuvenation Services and Add-On services take our Skin Rejuvenation services to the next level by providing a more customized, targeted experience. Read below for details on each of our services available as Premiums and Add-Ons within our menu of Skin Rejuvenation Membership services!

HydraFacial©: Signature & Deluxe

Great for all skin types, the Signature HydraFacial© targets:

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Elasticity & Firmness
  • Skin Tone Evenness & Vibrancy
  • Skin Texture
  • Brown Spots
  • Oily/Congested Skin
  • Enlarged Pores

The unique Vortex-Fusion® serum delivery system is what sets the HydraFacial© apart from other services. The multi-step service cleanses, evenly exfoliates, and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing vital nutrients including Antioxidants, Peptides, and Hyaluronic Acid. Thanks to the device’s superior delivery system, these performing ingredients are able to more effectively target fine lines and wrinkles.

For an even more targeted experience, try the Hydrafacial© Deluxe!

A customized version of the HydraFacial©, the HydraFacial© Deluxe includes all of the essentials of the Signature HydraFacial© as well as the additions of a specialty booster and LED therapy tailored to really focus on your unique concerns, like brown spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Signature HydraFacial© for Skin Rejuvenation Members $120 | Regular Price $150

Deluxe HydraFacial© for Skin Rejuvenation Members $195 | Regular Price $220

SkinPen® Microneedling

SkinPen® Microneedling, or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), at dermani MEDSPA® targets collagen and elastin by using tiny “micro needles” to create micro-wounds. This service targets skin tone and texture. In scars, the micro needles target the existing scar tissue. SkinPen® Microneedling can be done on all skin types.

Skin Rejuvenation Members $160 | Regular Price $300

O2 Lift

The O2 Lift facial includes an Enzymatic Facial Peel, a revolutionary “rolling” skin peel that provides a refreshing skin rejuvenation and an Oxygenating Facial Masque, an effervescent oxygenating masque with “foam burst technology” designed to create illuminated skin in just one application. Try it today on its own or as an add-on to a microdermabrasion or dermaplaning service! 

Skin Rejuvenation Members $85 | Regular Price $140

Vitalize Peel by SkinMedica®

The Vitalize Peel by SkinMedica® helps provide vibrant, radiant looking skin with minimal downtime. This premium peel smooths the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and roughness with noticeable results after just one peel and compelling results after only three to six peels.

Skin Rejuvenation Members $120 | Regular Price $150

The MAX™ Facial

The Ultimate Anti-Aging and Hydrating Facial, the MAX™ Facial is good for all skin types. This service is the MAXIMUM in anti-aging prevention while simultaneously drenching your skin in luxurious hydration. This progressive exfoliating facial contains the most advanced fusion of ingredients, including plant-derived stem cells, peptides, AHA’s, and new sophisticated forms of Vitamin C that all work together to provide the MAXIMUM in Correction, Prevention, and Nutrition to even the most neglected skin.

Skin Rejuvenation Members $85 | Regular Price $140

LED Therapy

Add on this pain-free, non-invasive, soothing and rejuvenating LED light therapy to any skin rejuvenation service! This service helps treat acne breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles, post inflammatory scarring, and rosacea. Not only does LED Therapy help minimize acne, but it also soothes your skin and reduces both redness and inflammation! Book the LED Therapy add-on to your favorite skin rejuvenation service today!

Skin Rejuvenation Members $85 | Regular Price $140

Seasonal Enzyme Peels

Each season we offer a different signature seasonal enzyme peel. Skin Rejuvenation Members can choose to receive the current seasonal peel as their $55 skin rejuvenation service, or the enzyme can be added on to a Skin Rejuvenation service, such as dermaplaning or microdermabrasion, for an up-charge of $30 added to their $55 service.

Come try out one of these incredible premium or add-on services today, and while you’re here, sign up for our Skin Rejuvenation Membership and take advantage of the major savings you receive as a dermani MEDSPA® member!